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David Megginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Lee Elliott wrote:
>>> I'm under a serious spam attack from an infected computer of someone
>>> on the>list.  Here is where the spam is originating:
>>>   user-24-214-247-18.knology.net
>> These e-mails almost certainly have spoofed 'From' addresses and just
>> about the only thing you can be sure of is that they don't come from
>> where they say they do.
> That's not the return address -- it's the last Received: header (i.e.
> the first hop that the e-mail took).  The infected user almost certainly
> had this domain, though his or her ISP might have a different name.  If
> anyone one the list has the IP address right now and is
> unfortunate enough to use Windows and Outlook, please disconnect your
> ethernet cable immediately and then get help disinfecting your system.

Right now, that address doesn't respond to pings.  A traceroute suggests
that it's dynamically assigned to users in Florida, and possibly south


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