Matthew Law wrote:

On my system (gentoo, SB Live 128) I hear what sounds like the turbine sample when at high angles of attack/sideslip and bank in the pa28-161. It's a very strange thing to hear in those situations and had me looking around at first to find the 'bogey'. Up to now in real fixed prop aircraft, I haven't heard the effect that Erik was trying to achieve... can this be heard outside the aircraft only?

No. It can be heard from within the cabin also.
But there is an effect that steps in at higher angles of attack, I'm just not sure how it really should sound like (I thought the current effect was quite close) and how to achieve that effect correctly.

The easiest way to get it so the fly at cruise speed and pull back on the throttle and try to stay at altitude using the elevator.

If the sound is heard in unusual situations, then that's because of a bug in the FDM. For one thing, I've heard someone say it is also there when parked on the ground. Obviously there should be no high alpha at such situations.


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