Apparently it's not the compiler, either. I noticed that a lot of folks were having this sort of problem with the 3.3.1 version of gcc, so I rebuilt to 3.3.2 (a version that other people had had success with, even though it's not the latest) and it's still throwing the same errors at me.

Does anyone have some hints?


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I'm trying to compile SimGear. When the make hits the clouds3d directory I get a screen full of errors that tell me that various symbols are being "redeclared as different kind of symbol", all of them in extgl.c. All the errors refer to symbols in gl.h: glBlendColor, glBlendEquation, glDrawRangeElements, etc - there are a lot of them. Can SOMEONE tell me why this is happening?

The env:
cygwin, rebuilt earlier today using the latest components (including
GLUT 3.7.6)
gcc 3.3.1
SimGear was checked out from CVS at about 5pm
plib 1.8.3
zlib 1.2.1

Thanks for your help.


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