Alex Romosan wrote:
"Norman Vine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Doesn't SGPath.apapend just do the right thing here ?

i.e. there shouldn't be a need to do the

! #ifdef _MSC_VER
!             tmp.append( ";");
! #else
!             tmp.append( ":");
! #endif

kludge in the patch below

if append() doesn't do the right thing I suggest we would be
better off fixing append() rather then kludging every instance of it use.

we should use sgDirPathSep instead. it's defined in
simgear/misc/sg_path.cxx, but it should be moved to the header file
instead so it can be used elsewhere.

Ah, good catch!
I have been searching for that but couldn't find one. And I wanted to get something usable in there and look for a better solution later on.

I'll take a look and make the necessary changes.



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