Blast, do we have a few millions to buy us another one? :-)

Seriously though, does this always happen at KLGB? I did a quick test there 
yesterday, but couldn't see anything unusual. One thing I found though, is 
that the MD11 doesn't do ground handling very well yet. ONe day, I need to 
sit down and add a few contact points, because right now you can fly it 
straight trough the earth's crust, without anything happening. Just for a bit 
of fun: Try running the MD11 with idle throttle and zero speed. Now raise the 
gears, and be prepared for a journey to the center of the earth. 


On Monday 07 June 2004 22:29, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> Um... Durk, I lost the prototype aircraft to quicksand at KLGB. =(
> It was perfectly fine in the beginning...
> ...then it starts sinking...
> ...and nothing is left.
> Regards,
> Ampere
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