The Hunter and the Mustang has clickable 3d instruments. This is achieved by 
including a transparent 2d panel with action hotspots at select locations.
The 2d panel is included in the "top-level" aircraft model xml config file, so 
the hotspots become aircraft-model-specific. I suspect that moving a 3d 
instrument would require moving the action hotspots as well.

I tried to make the 2d panel with hotspots instrument-model-specific by 
including a 2d panel in the instrument model xml config file:




 <!-- Include a panel with hotspots -->
  <!-- It would be nice to include this in-line instead of in a separate file 
   <y-m> 0.005</y-m>
   <z-m> 0.005</z-m>

  <property alias="../../params/switch-val"/>


The "switch-hotspots.xml" file is a small (10x10) panel with one big 
instrument with one big hotspot. This worked as expected. I was also able to 
reuse the switch instrument at different locations in the cockpit, as 
expected. Is there perhaps a limit to how many 2d panels with hotspots one 
can include?

This method adds instrument-specific hotspots to true 3d instruments. It's a 
bit ugly but it works and is more reusable than the Hunter and Mustang way of 
doing it.

I would also like to redirect you attention to my post:

Can anyone confirm that the alias feature can not be used for the 3d animation 

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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