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and bitmaps. However, one of the things that can currently only be done

in the

control's model file is orientation. I think this is a mistake.


like placement, should be defined outside the xml for a given control.
Otherwise, it is impossible to reuse a control unless you plan on doing

it in

the same orientation. It should be possible for the aircraft's model

file to

define a one-time transformation where you define the location of the


Can you explain, or give an example? It could be that I am not


your use of the term orientation.

Ok, so I have this nice generic fuel pump toggle switch that I made for my
x-100, which has a panel tilted at 15 deg.  I want to also use it in my


which has a panel with a vertical orientation. If I just plug it in, one


them will have a switch that is off by 15 deg. Now, I can reuse the .ac


but I need to rotate it somehow, so I have to create a second .xml file

for the

x-200 that has a -15 deg rotation animation in it. Problem with this is

a) I

have to create a new fuel-toggle.xml file, b) the x-200 is doing a


transformation every frame that it doesn't have to and c) I would expect

to find

rotation orientation in the same place as the offsets. In other words,

all six

degrees of freedom of movement for the model as a whole should be defined

in the

same place.

So being able to define a rotation for instruments in the x-200-model.xml


instead of the fuel-toggle.xml file would be good.  Being smart enough to
recognize that it only needs to be done once is also good, though not

nearly as


The 747 and the A320 share ( because I am lazy ) the same instruments but
they have different position and orientation.

for example, a320-fb.xml has :


while boeing747-400-jw.xml has :


but they use the same instrument animation file


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