Roy Vegard Ovesen said:

> On Tuesday 15 June 2004 14:49, Jim Wilson wrote:
> > I can probably answer your question,  but I don't know what you mean by
> > "alias feature".  Is that a 2d panel thing?  Maybe that answers your
> > question? ;-)
> Yes, the alias feature is a 2d panel thing. It is usefull when you have two 
> identical instruments that should be "connected" to different properties, for 
> example two nav radios or two CDIs. With aliases, one defines which 
> properties to use, for that particular instrument instance, in the panel 
> config file when including the instrument config file. This is a very usefull 
> feature, and it would be just as usefull for 3d instruments for exactly the 
> same reasons as it is for 2d instruments.
> Because of aliases apparently not being implemented, the Piper has two CDIs 
> that are connected to the same nav radio, and consequently display the same 
> information.

You can have more than one xml wrapper for the same model.  It really wouldn't
be all that awkward to have something like this:


For things like switches that are very numerous I'm wondering how big a deal
it would be to be able to reference an array of models in a single xml wrapper.

Well actually... hmmmm... Right now we're referencing xml files in the "path"
property of the model arrays (<model> tags).  What happens when you add
animation tags inside a <model> tag and make the path reference the .ac file
instead of another wrapper?  I think that might work.

Like this:

    animation definition for this particular switch...

Repeat for each switch.



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