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David Megginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Using today's scenery over TerraSync, I've found an interesting problem
> at CYHM (Hamilton, ON).  Runway 12/30 is where it should be, but runway
> 06/24 is missing -- there is a big hole in the ground.  When you try to
> start on runway 6, the plane starts up high in the clouds, presumably
> where the runway is floating.

I just checked this out.  Actually, you're not high up in the clouds --
you're in the hole.  It starts you with an altitude of 0 ASL; but since
that's below local ground level you're in the hole.  The AGL altitude
is enormous -- around 33000 ft -- because that's how deep the hole is.
To see this, take the UFO off of runway 30 and fly it across the hole.
Watch your AGL altitude explode.  I flew down the hole but didn't find
ground at the bottom.



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