I have noticed that with the new Scenery directory structure, FG does not look at mydir/Objects/w080n30/w077n38/1695792.stg unless it finds mydir/Terrain/w080n30/w077n38/1695792.stg. This seems a little broken. If I want to add some objects, I not only have to populate mydir/Objects/w080n30/w077n38, but I also have to put a copy of 1695792.stg and 1695792.gz.btg from the original scenery tree into mydir/Terrain/w080n30/w077n38, and then edit out all the towers and whatnot out of mydir/Terrain/w080n30/w077n38/1695792.stg so they don't get rendered twice, once for mydir and once for the global scenery. I should be able to just add a .stg file with one or two objects to an Objects dir in my private scenery path, have FG find and load those objects, then go on to the global scenery, find the .stg files there and load the terrain and objects from those.

I also tried using an empty mydir/Terrain/w080n30/w077n38/1695792.stg but that seems to produce the same behavior.

Also, I have not been able to find this logic in the source, it does not seem to be in Scenery. Can someone let me know where to find it? Fixing this logic is probably within my grasp, if I can just find it.


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