Alex Romosan wrote:
trying to debug why i wasn't able to run flightgear on my laptop, i
think i found a problem with SGLookupFunction. the problem is that we
call dlclose() before we return the pointer to the GL function, and,
if i understand things correctly, this invalidates the handle and the
address might not be valid anymore (on my laptop i kept getting core

anyway the fix is very simple: instead of calling dlopen() on libGL
and then passing the libGL handle to dlsym() one can simply invoke
dlsym on RTLD_DEFAULT (which is a special pseudo-handler that will
find the first occurrence of the desired symbol using the default
library search order). now i can run flightgear on both my laptop
(with a radeon mobility card) and on my desktop (nvidia card) and i
think the clouds actually look much better.

Unfortunately RTLD_DEFAULT isn't supported on all platforms (it isn't supported in IRIX anyhow). I think that if what you describe is the problem this really is a bug at your side. What happens is that the function pointer is copied to ftpr. So dlcose() should never be able to have any effects on this copy ??


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