Frederic Bouvier wrote:

I wouldn't like to see FlightGear becoming the swiss knife of everybody's need.

That's a bit exaggerated - it wasn't meant that way, there are some very specific requirements that I tried to address by offering modular implementation of additional Nasal commands.

This really isn't about extending FlightGear in some dramatic way to make it "the swiss army knife" among flight simulators.

But, of course FlightGear itself seems to be a pretty powerful flight
simulator, that could easily be used for a vast area of applications - of course still aviation related.

Anyway, the suggestions that I've made so far are all based on an idea
to extend FlightGear in a way to enable interactive training
capablities within FlightGear (

Also, I can tell from the reactions that I've received so for, that the
FliteTutor concept is not perceived as some weird functionality for
FlightGear but rather it is perceived as an opportunity for FlightGear.

That's also what I think - event though it is unlikely to implement most
of the more advanced within the near future.

As Erik implied already, we are probably talking here only about some
_minor_ changes to FlightGear itself, in order to allow some more
functionality to be used by Nasal.

I would prefer spending time to modularize even more FG and put
more in SimGear.

I agree, that certainly makes more sense for the project itself, but you folks seem to see all this as too exclusive: "either the one or the other" - right ?

This way, everybody could use the library in their own program for the purpose they wish.

"The library" ? Well, I would generally agree - but trying to do things in Nasal makes that very library necessary at first -either being
directly incorporated into FlightGear or really as an external library.

This would of course be different, IF FlightGear itself featured some
basic plugin architecture to be used, THEN one could really easily
write your own extensions -regardless of any limitations that might
exist in the available scripting language implementation.

By the way, the addition of a plugin architecture has pushed all major
flight simulators tremendously forward, I don't even mention stuff like
Microsoft's FS, but I suggest to have a look at X-Plane: Since the
author added support for basic plugins, there are numerous projects
to interface with X-Plane, some of them concentrating on multiplayer
stuff - others on specific things like integrated preflight-support.

Also, the matter regarding the requests of numerous users to add combat
support to FlightGear (respectively SimGear) could really be addressed
by offering some kind of generic plugin interface to the underlying
subsystems - I am pretty sure, there are many projects that would like
to be directly incorporated into FlightGear.


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