Boris Koenig wrote:

I wouldn't have a problem, creating the authoring part of the
application as an external application - but THEN I would need
to be able to load FlightGear resources (aircraft/images/panels).

Ok. Lets start a *minimal* list of items that really are needed for this and skip the implementation part for now. This is what I think what would be needed (feel free to add your ideas).

* A configurable, interactive menu system.
* The ability to load a set of "sheets", one after each other.
* Be able to add the following to these sheets:
  - Dynamic text at a static location (*)
  - Static images (*)
  - Animated instruments that react to actions of the user(*)
* Pop-up screens to guide a user.
* Disable unwanted subsystems:
  - Out of the window view (* - including scenery loading?)
  - FDM (* - using the NULL FDM)
  - Multiplayer (*)
  - AI Traffic/Models/ATC (*)
  - Sound (*)
  - Environment

Anything else (remember, this is the *absolute minimum*)?


(*) This can be done now already.

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