Erik Hofman wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:
Well, regarding the "clever subsystem architecture" - is there any
more detailed information available ?

It's actually quite simple, you create a derived class from SGSubsystem and you have to define a small set of functions:

Thanks for that (REALLY !) But actually I was really asking WHAT subsystems exist, how they are called (names, not programming !) and what their purpose is.

I indicated already a couple of days ago, that I wouldn't mind
writing some documentation, and I think these details are still
missing, one could even present such information in a graphical
way (as I mentioned already)

Later, one could add the properties that affect a certain subsystem.

I think this would really make for some good introduction into
FlightGear developing, I would certainly find it easier to dive
into the code if such things were generally available.


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