Boris Koenig said:

> Back to the plugins discussion ... I am really about to get famous here
> for my unpopular views ;-)

It sounds like you are anticipating something here.  My recommendation is that
you spend quite a bit more time getting familiar with FlightGear.  It isn't
that your idea or view isn't good,  you just haven't come up with an
application for it that strikes me as "you know that would be really cool"
(I'm not speaking for anyone else).

Once you are into the project a bit more I'm sure you'll find folks receptive,
because you'll understand better what's interesting to them and really know
better how a new interface would fit in.  If you don't have the patience for
that approach there is a second option.  You could code up an interface,  make
an example plugin and post it to the list so folks can try.



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