Remy Villeneuve wrote:

> Hi,
> Just discovered Flight Gear last night, and it installed relatively well,
> apart from the missing fs_os.cxx problem which I finally tackled by using
> the file from CVS (before I had the chance of reading Erik's comment on
> the tarball hickup)... Anyway, great work you guys have already done!
> But I'd be interested to know if there has been work, support or
> propositions to make a GUI application to generate and pass command line
> options to fsgs... Not that I'm not used to command line parameters, but
> sometimes, you just want to hit ENTER and jump into the action.
> So I figured that making either an ncurse and/or X/KDE/gnome front end
> user interface to generate parameters, like selecting the airport from a
> list instead of typing it manually, same with airplanes, and also to
> enable or disable certain options would be appreciated by "the public".
> The way I see it, I'd do a wrapper which would generate the appropriate
> command line $options, call "fsgs $options", and depending on how we see
> it's use, it could kill fsgs and restart it with new $options if the users
> wishes so...
> This is similar to what M$ FS2X does, with a welcome splash screen where
> you can set the weather, flight plans, aircraft, fuel, airport, etc. Then,
> you call the flight environment itself.
> Any ideas? If not for others, I'll do it for myself in ncurses...

What you are looking for is called fgrun and is here :


PS: fgfs, not fsgs ;-)

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