> What you are looking for is called fgrun and is here :
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/fgrun
> -Fred
> PS: fgfs, not fsgs ;-)
Yeah... ahemm... sorry about the typo... 10 years of Flight Simulator
habits to shed on my side... ;-P

Thanks for pointing me to the existing project!

On another side note, after flying for a few hours here and there, I
noticed that something great works on FG which did not on MSFS: controls
are usable in 3d cockpit mode... I'd like to know if people would find it
useful to enable a mouse drag incrementation step feature for knobs and
similar controls... Currently, if you click on a knob (sensitive zone,
highlighted by CTRL-C), it increments or decrements as long as it is DOWN.

But what I'd like is to push this one step further, by increasing the step
of the value incrementation relatively to the distance the mouse pointer
is dragued away from the manipulated control (click sensitive zone). This
would be quite useful for heading, altitude and nav knobs, way friendlier
than the MS scheme of increasing the pace of incrementation relative to
the -time- the mouse button is DOWN, and not too hard to implement!

step = sqrt(distance - 10);
if(step < 1) {
  step = 1;

so that within 10 pixels it is incremented by 1, but if you go away from
that, at a 110 pixels it would be incremented by 10 for each cycles, and
at a maximum of about 30-35 per cycle if you were draging away from a
leftmost control at the rightmost edge of the display in 1024x768...

I haven't looked the code yet but I see tons of features which I would be
willing to play with, from control tweaks to automatic cloud cover
generation using GOES images and precipitation from NWS and Environnement
Canada Doppler Radar...(Still looking around the existing features).

Fantastic job you guys have done so far! I hope I'll be able to contribute

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