Vivian Meazza wrote:

> Sent: 23 July 2004 20:15
> To: 'FlightGear developers discussions'
> Subject: RE: [Flightgear-devel] Tried the Spitfire
> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > Sent: 23 July 2004 16:01
> > Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Tried the Spitfire
> >
> > Very nice!  Ok if I borrow the pilot dude for the p51 cockpit?
> Please do - but note that he's wearing RAF blue serge trousers (pants :-
> )),
> and 1940's pattern life jacket (vest) and the wrong flying helmet/goggles.
> I
> expect some smarty pants will notice. I'm going to animate him shortly.
> > Now, should it come up running like the other A/C?  My personal
> preference
> > is
> > to not, but I think in the past folks have prefered aircraft already
> > started.
> Tough one, because when I get the propeller sorted there should be the
> possibility that the aircraft will nose over if started on full throttle.
> > FWIW (after release) I think a preset "e.g. --auto-start" that defaulted
> > to
> > true, and was overridden as true automatically for mid air starts, but
> > otherwise could be set false by the user so aircraft never come up
> running
> > on
> > the ground would be nice.  Along this line it should be possible to have
> > aircraft running after reset as well if --auto-start was enabled.
> I like it - it's the way that Flight2 does it. Personally, I like to start
> with the engine shut down. It forces pre-start checks, and makes the whole
> thing more realistic. I was also following the example of the Bo105.

I'm just working on the fuel gauge for the Spitfire, when I ralised that I
haven't modeled the fuel system correctly. At present both tanks feed into
the engine. What should happen is that the upper tank feeds the lower tank
which feeds the engine. Is there any built-in way of doing this?

Advice would be most welcome, otherwise I guess it's some fairly complex



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