Alex Romosan wrote:
Chris Metzler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Regarding the navaids discussion I'd like to know if airports
are currently exclusively bound to the scenery, actually I
was looking for some airports that FlightGear also finds, but
didn't see any rwys - if airports should really depend on specific
scenery to be installed, it might be worth to think about
separating airports from scenery - at least the basics like
runways etc ...or what else is the reason for not _seeing_
an airport which FlightGear actually knows of ?

Can you rephrase this? I can't figure out what it is that you're saying here.

the graphics part of the airports _is_ part of the scenery. FlightGear
looks up the latitude and longitude and the position and heading of
the runways (in runways.dat) but if the scenery is not there there
are no graphics to be loaded so you get positioned over the ocean.

Hey, thanks Alex - that's exactly what I wanted to know ... So, there's no way to have the airports/runways etc. available without installing the corresponding scenery ?

Hmm, bu**er :-/

How about also separating the scenery from the actual airports data ?

I will untar the archive and check if it's the same format as in
X-Plane, if it is it should be possible to display basic airports
even without having the necessary scenery installed.


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