Boris Koenig wrote:

wow, I am just about to notice how much work some people spend on really
resembling all the various aircraft subtleties properly ... didn't know
that so far, would definitely recommend to create some kind of summary
for each aircraft and place it as a textfile into each aircraft's folder.

Many such things aren't that obvious, and even if they are it's
interesting how these things are implemented or what workaround is being
used to resemble a certain functionality.

On the other hand such a detailed description of the implementation
could also provide some insights for other user who want to create
their own aircraft, or simply extend pre-existing aircraft.

Things like carb ice may be a hinderance to the casual user (having it disabled by default would probably be the way to go) but since there are so many aircraft and pilots lost to it, it's fairly important for me even in a sim. Does Nasal do timers? If so maybe something like this would work:

while (engines_running)
If (engine rpm < 40% && OAT > 4 deg C && OAT < 15 deg C)
if (carb_heat_enabled == false)
lean_mixture_by_increment; // lean mixture by a small value from user selected value
enrich_mixture_by_increment; // richen mixture by a small value until equal to user selected value
enrich_mixture_by_increment; // as above, but by a smaller amount, for higher power settings ?

 sleep 20 secs;

Please excuse the pseudo code - I've never done any nasal at all. I can't remember what temperature range carb ice most commonly occurs at and I'm not sure that after partial icing, a higher power setting would clear the ice... probably not.

How does this seem?

All the best,


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