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/Have you tried the Spitfire yet?
/>/I would be grateful for any comments you might have.
/>/ />/
/I had flown it for the first time last night, but mostly at altitude. Very maneuverable and "feels" like a high performance ac wrt aileron - rudder coordination.

Since this thread is about ground handling with a tail dragger, I flew it tonight to see how it was to do takeoffs and landings. The mains are longer and closer together than most modern ac, so it should not be easy. After several takeoffs with the tail locked that were near ground loops, I decided to try it with the tail wheel unlocked so I would get more early feedback on the correct rudder inputs. Actually, this made my takeoffs much better as I was moving the rudder early to keep the nose straight. In a real tail dragger, you have the rudder moving early and often until the tail is up and you are fast enough to be near takeoff. This went so well that I made several passes of touch and goes. It does a real nice full stall landing and with the tail castering, I was able to apply power and keep it straight through takeoff. After about 6 touch-n-goes with no ground loop, I felt quite comfortable.

I did notice that it has a tendency to drop a wing at low speeds. This is made worse by the long main gear if you start to yaw on takeoff. But this is what I would expect from the gear torque in a yaw on the ground.

I really enjoy this ac and will be flying a lot more. It is a challenge! And having the CH pedals with proportional brakes makes it more reasonable. I would not like to use the twist of a joystick for rudder with so much challenge.

Thanks for making this great addition to fgfs!
Dave P.

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