Dave Perry wrote:

1. I updated CVS last night and the changes to the J3 Cub make it impossible to do a full-stall 3 point landing. 2. It is not true that a wheel landing should end with applying full down elevator. In fact, you want to be almost at zero decent rate when the mains touch and then a little forward pressure is usually required to keep the immediate slight increase in angle of attach from putting you back in the air, since you have not yet stalled.
3. In a real cub, it takes very little relative wind to keep the tail up. So in a head wind of say 10 knots, you can lift the tail with forward pressure as soon as you apply power. I have seen pilots hold the brakes, apply power and lift the tail at zero ground speed.

Thanks for the feedback. I have a book deadline looming, so I don't have any big chunks of time free until after the 9th, but if you feel like tweaking the J3 Cub and DC-3 files until you like the handling better, I'll be happy to commit the changes. Ideally, we want them to behave well for both three-point and wheel landings.

As far as I know, you're the one with the most tailwheel experience among the FlightGear users (mine is exactly 0, unless you count pausing my preflight to watch the taildraggers land and takeoff).

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