On Wednesday 04 August 2004 15:12, David Culp wrote:
> I have plans (but very little time unfortunately) to add a property to the
> scenario file that will trigger the creating of an AIAircraft after a
> specified elapsed time, or periodically at a specified rate.  This will be
> an inprovement, but it still requires that the scenario be determined at
> startup, and not interactive during the sim run.
> Durk's traffic scheduler creates the AIAircraft according to a schedule, so
> new instances of AIAircraft are created during the sim run, however I don't
> think this scheduler is set up to allow a user to trigger the creation of
> an AIAircraft using a key-stroke.

That's pretty much correct. I didn't design the traffic manager with that idea 
in mind. Right now, the way I see it is that Dave's scenarios and my traffic 
files should be able to work more or less independantly in creating traffic. 
Whereas David's scenario files allow for a very precise simulation of 
specific aircraft, the traffic manager generated traffic should become a more 
or less easy way to fill the skies with "believable" traffic. 
> To create AIAircraft interactively will require a new module, and it will
> require that the newly created instance be given enough information to have
> a model and a fightplan.
To the best of my knowlegde, at the moment it is not possible to interactively 
create traffic without creating either a) a traffic file (see 
$FGROOT/data/Traffic for an example) or b) creating a scenario. 


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