> The idea would be to control the AI traffics ( creation, animation and
> deletion ) from an external program with the telnet interface.
> Someone ask me if it is possible lately, and I think he is prepared
> to do the required changes. I already suggested him to design new
> commands for creation/deletion and use the properties for animation.
> They would be 'run' from the telnet prompt.

OK, just an overview here.  There are now two functions in AIManager for 
creating an aircraft, both called "int createAircraft( ... )".  The return 
value is a unique ID for that AI object. 

 The first one has lots of parameters and will create an aircraft that flies 
in a straight line (or in a  circle) at a constant altitude.  This aircraft 
has no life-span, so if you want to delete it you must call destroyObject(int 

The second one takes two parameters, the model path and the flightplan.  This 
aircraft will terminate itself when it reaches the end of its flightplan.

The flightplans can be pre-calculated and stored in XML files, or they can be 
created on-the-fly by another module (see Durk's traffic manager).

David Culp

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