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Lee Elliott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> How many polys are you using for the signboard?  I'm guessing that
> you're just using one and have it double-sided.

Nah, then it'd be infinitely thin, and look too weird.  They're 2"/5cm

>  I think you'll either
> have to use two single-sided rectangles for it and apply appropriate
> front and back textures to each of the rectangles or, as the vertex
> count would be the same as for two rectangles, you could actually
> consider using a cube for the board.

That's what I did (an extruded plane, actually).

I would like to have double-sided ones available; but there are
16000 foot commercial runways out there, and suddenly you're looking
at needing (15*14)/2 signs, minus a few that would never happen
(e.g. "1" on one side, "1" on the other).  It's only one mesh model,
of course; but assigning textures, uvmapping, and writing the file,
over and over again, to get a kajillion files, gets really boring.

Although wait a second . . .provided the black edges are uvmapped to
a portion of the texture that's definitely not written with a numeral
in any of the texture files, it's probably OK to create additional
ones by doing nothing more than replacing the texture file names
with a script.  Maybe I'll try that tonight.


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