Mathias Fröhlich wrote:
> On Sonntag, 15. August 2004 12:00, Erik Hofman wrote:
> > I noticed that the fact that scenery loading is faster when pressing 'v'
> > is caused by the fact that FlightGear doesn't bother rendering the scene
> > in the mean time.
> >
> > Maybe it would be a good idea to set /sim/rendering/draw-otw to false
> > just after the message box is displayed, and setting it back to true
> > after scenery loading has finished?
> Oh, yes please.
> I have locally disabled that whole machinery around that dialog just
> it is unaccaptable to me to wait for about three minutes when I want to
> something.
> So everything speeding up this would be good!

If you use current CVS, you can set /sim/sceneryloaded-override to true
to have the old behavior.


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