Curtis L. Olson wrote:

> Erik Hofman wrote:
> > I noticed that the fact that scenery loading is faster when pressing
> > 'v' is caused by the fact that FlightGear doesn't bother rendering the
> > scene in the mean time.
> >
> > Maybe it would be a good idea to set /sim/rendering/draw-otw to false
> > just after the message box is displayed, and setting it back to true
> > after scenery loading has finished?
> I don't know how this scenery loading message/pause was implimented, but
> FlightGear can't load add-on 3d models (like the SFO buildings and
> bridges) inside the threaded scenery loader because the plib model
> loader functions are not thread safe in conjunction with opengl.
> So, FlightGear maintains a queue of models that need to be loaded and
> then loads them one per frame to interleave the work with rendering.
> This is extremely inefficient if we are waiting to load all the models.
> We should modify the code to simply load all the models in the queue
> (i.e. flush it) at startup, rather than doing one-per-frame and hacking
> around that with turn draw-otw=false.  IMO that would be a *much* better
> solution.

I tried that, but it appeared that the queue is also filled at frame rate.
So the queue can be quickly flushed but it will be filled as soon as we
will render the first few frames.


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