"Curtis L. Olson" said:

> I don't know how this scenery loading message/pause was implimented, but ...

The most recent changes from Fred work great.  I made the original fix in
order to correct the problems doing in air starts near KSFO before the
release, without thinking about the frame rate issue.  All it did was suspend
FDM updates, so despite the "observation" that there was a delay,  scenery was
loading at the same rate it always did.

> We should modify the code to simply load all the models in the queue 
> (i.e. flush it) at startup, rather than doing one-per-frame and hacking 
> around that with turn draw-otw=false.  IMO that would be a *much* better 
> solution.

This sounds pretty much like what the latest patch does.  It just holds the
splash screen up until the queues are flushed, rather than rendering the whole
scene with a popup dialog. (The splash will also reappear during "teleports").



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