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I was wondering, do others feel that the changes in the last week or so justify a new release (0.9.5-1)? I have the feeling that it does.

I realize Curtis is busy for the next two weeks so it has to wait some more, but if this is desired I will hold off any drastic changes to the code until after the release.

What do you all think?


What specific changes are you refering to?

Fixes for the "Scenery Loading" dialog that now loads much faster on low end hardware because it is frame rate independent (thanks to Frederic).

Lots of small fixes (joystick configurations, Nasal fuel handling for the Spitfire and fixing the mouse freeze after exit problem).

To name a few.

Overall, the code as it is now feels a lot more comfortable compared to the previous release. We could take some time and fix some more problems, but I didn't announce the previous release for IRIX because it didn't feel right.


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