Roman Grigoriev wrote:
Sorry for many messages but I have some problem with my e-mail and fgfs-devel mailing list :-) 
Hi guys!
OpenGL 2.0 formally announced and GLSL will be a part of it. so I'm thinking about translating my NVIDIA vertex and fragment programs that works with flightgear to GLSL. What do you think abput it?
Now I have aerial perspective scattering light lobes trail smokes rain snow runway and town lights and VBO that works with flightgear. But here there is one main problem if you haven't FX class hardware you can't see this ))). I have 5950 so there is no problem here ;-)
Feel free to e-mail me
Thanx in advance
What's the compatibility and fps hit for non-nvidia and older nvidia graphics cards if GLSL is implemented?

- Matevz
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