I have another question regarding the view manager:

Is it possible in FlightGear, we can have two viewpoints at the same time? I found in some other flight simulator, for the panels/instruments, user sees with cockpit view, while at the same time, for the scenery outside the cockpit, it uses chase view so user can see the attitude of the aircraft.Or, we can say, the window of the simulator is splited to two small windows, one for panels/instruments using cockpit view while the other, using chase view.

By checking the codes, seems FlightGear doesn't support this. Any ideas about how to realize this? Though this functionality may not have too much value...:-(

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[Flightgear-devel] Re: chase/cockpit view
Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at Sun Aug 1 09:31:31 CDT 2004

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* Sam -- Sunday 25 July 2004 18:33:
 can anybody give me an advice how to implement new view
inflightgear: a combination of cockpit and chase view - so that the
plane would be looked at from behind (like in chase mode) but at the
same time viewport behaviour would be the same as in cockpit - i mean
precise rotation (with no "delays" like in chase mode, [...]

Just leave the <at-model-*-damping> settings in the view config away.


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