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I've looked through the TODO comments in the source code for the instrumentation and the systems, and would like to start implementing some/all/even more of them. That is unless someone else is already doing that.

The two main things to add are: 1) Multiple instruments and systems, the ability to have several airspeed indicators, altimeters, pitot systems, static systems, etc.
2) XML configuration file to select what instruments and systems would be available for that particular aircraft.

If someone else is already implementig these features, please let me know.

Comments are welcome!

I've implemented this now, but because of the pendig new release it will not be put in CVS until after the release.

By using two configuration files, one for systems and one for instrumentation, one can configure the systems and instrumentation individually for every aircraft. One can have several instances of the same instrument or system. One can also give the instances an arbitrary name (the airspeed indicator could be called "speedometer" etc.). This of course has breakage of the instruments (and probably a bunch of other things) written all over it, so I've created two generic configuration files that configures the systems and instrumentation exactly as they were hardcoded. Here is an extract from "generic-instrumentation.xml"

<adf> <name>adf</name> <number>0</number> </adf>


Notice that one can configure wich pitot-and static-port the airspeed- indicator uses. This of course has to correspond to a pitot-and static-port configured in the "systems.xml" configuration file. The number tag is to distinguish several instances with identical names.

I've noticed some changes recently to the systems and the instrumentation. David Culp has created a new subsystem class and Melchior Franz has done some changes to the adf class in the instrumentation folder. To avoid doing duplicate work and potentially conflicting work, I strongly suggest that we synchronize our efforts.

I believe David has mentioned that he wants to be able to have several subsystems. I think that should be simple to do now that I've done it to the other systems. Melchior seems to have started migrating stuff from the cockpit subdir to the instrumentation subdir. This should also be made configurable, just like the stuff that's already in instrumentation.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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