På Tue, 07 Sep 2004 00:22:12 +0200, skrev Roy Vegard Ovesen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

I've implemented this now, but because of the pendig new release it will not be put in CVS until after the release.

I have a link to the changes if anyone is interested in trying. Not much to try really, it should be exactly as before, but you can add more instrument and system instances. Or remove some that should not be in your favourite aircraft.


I've modified the Makefile.am files so I guess you have to rerun autogen.sh, at least in the Systems and Instrumentation subdirs before compiling.

Add this inside the <sim> tag in yor aircraft's *-set.xml file to override the generic ones in preferences.xml (just like for the autopilot):


Take a look at Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml and generic- instrumentation.xml for examples of how to configure the systems and instrumentation. It should be fairly obvious.

David Culp, is it ok if I modify the new submodel so that it can be configured in the systems.xml file along with the rest of the systems? Or do you have another plan for this?

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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