On Friday 15 October 2004 22:04, Horst J. Wobig wrote:
> I just tried VBO's on my SuSE 9.1 nvidia GF2 MX driver 6111 and xfree86.
> VBOs are available but do not behave as expected. I get additional
> stuff rendered :-(
> Seems to be a bug in the driver when used with MX cards. Maybe it's just
> the GF2 MX.
> Now I'm curious how much improvement can be expected on
> other cards.
> If somebody wants to try it on his box: just fetch lesson 45 from
> http://nehe.gamedev.net. On windows this should compile without
> problems, on linux you need sdl. On my system I just had to
> untar it, then make and run. It tells you if VBO is available
> and the framerate with 32k triangles.
> With "#define NO_VBO" you can turn VBO off and check the difference.
> Horst

Here are my results:

With VBO enabled i get 150-195 frames/s
With VBO disabled i only get 90-120 frames/s

So VBO makes a difference of 60-75 more frames per seconds.

I made this benchmark test on a computer with an  Athlon Thunderbird 1 GHz 
CPU, 512 MB SDRam and a Geforce 4 4200 Ti with 64 MB videoram.
The OS was Slackware 10 running a Linux kernel Version 2.4.26 and the NVidia 
driver version was 53.36.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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