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> On Tuesday 19 October 2004 01:00, Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
> > On Tuesday 19 October 2004 00:10, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > > OK, I've just updated cvs, and the inputs to some of my 3d instruments
> > > are now broken in the Hunter, Seahawk and Spitfire. How do I get them
> > > back?
> >
> > What instruments are not working, and what inputs do they use?

Altimeter, IAS, Mach, rate-of-climb, and turn-and-slip


All of the above plus clock, attitude, and heading. 

> > I just tried the Hunter, and I noticed that some of the instrumentation
> > properties where not as expected. They are all ok in the c172. I will
> look
> > into this.
> I see that for the Hunter and the Seahawk the vacuum system is not working
> which leads to the attitude-indicator and the heading-indicator also not
> working. This is because the engines/engine[0]/rpm property is undefined
> for
> the engine on these aircraft. I would guess that this was also the case
> before systems and instrumentation became configureable. Back then the
> vacuum
> system was hardcoded to be driven by engines/engine[0]/rpm.

There is no vacuum system on these aircraft. However, I suppose we could try
to drive one off N1.

> Now that the vacuum system is configurable you might consider driving it
> with
> another property from engines/engine[0]/, so that you can use the
> instrumentation/attitude-indicator and instrumentation/heading-indicator
> insted of orientation/*.

They still work here for the Hunter and Seahawk, and they worked before.
However, when I built them originally the attitude-indicator pitch property
wasn't working correctly, so I had to use orientation - which should still

I'm sorry that my original posting was incomplete: I only noticed the
problem late last night. You got the polite version :-)



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