On Wednesday 20 October 2004 12:03, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> I have checked the path - I'm was the downloaded cvs data from 1522 Monday.
> I have re-downloaded cvs data and source this morning and recompiled.
> I've changed the hunter to use the generic files - it already has custom
> electrics and instrumentation - still the altimeter, ASI, climb-rate and
> turn and slip don't work. Hsi and directional gyro work, but they take
> their input from the 'wrong' place. In the property browser all the
> instrument values are undefined.
> The P51d instruments also don't work, in fact all the instruments I have
> tested don't work. I suspect the instruments generically don't work.
> Can you reconfirm that all the hunter/seahawk/P51 instruments work for you?
> And did you change anything in the hunter files?

I also updated from CVS this morning and all instruments still work, here. I 
guess that if all instruments and all systems in every aircraft were broken 
then a whole lot of other people would have noticed too.

I have not changed anything in the hunter or any other aircraft.

Try to run Flightgear with --log-level=info and look for these lines:

Reading instruments from data/Aircraft/Generic/generic-instrumentation.xml
Adding subsystem instrumentation
Reading systems from data/Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml
Adding subsystem systems

This is what you should get. If you get something like: "No instrumentation 
model specified for this model!" or "Failed to load instrumentation model: ", 
then something is wrong, obviously.

When Flightgear is running try to browse to this property:
It should contain "data/Aircraft/Generic/generic-instrumentation.xml" if you 
are using the generic configuration, or if you are using a custom made 
configuration it should of course contain the path to that file.

> I've gone back to cvs update as of 15 Oct: all the aircraft work correctly.
> I conclude that this problem is caused by your new code. Unless you can
> confirm that the instruments work in all models in your location, or tell
> me exactly what I have to do to correct the situation, I strongly suggest
> that whatever has been done, be undone.

I understand that you are frustrated, but IMHO the ability to configure 
instrumentation and systems is an improvement. I also think that going back 
to them being hardcoded is a step in the wrong direction.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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