* Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Wednesday 20 October 2004 14:31:
> I also updated from CVS this morning and all instruments still work, here. I 
> guess that if all instruments and all systems in every aircraft were broken 
> then a whole lot of other people would have noticed too.

Indeed! I'm running the very last version from cvs (HEAD), too, and I didn't
notice broken instruments, neither in the Hunter nor anywhere else.

I assume that you updated to HEAD already. People new to cvs are easily fooled
by "sticky" attributes. If you have once updated to a certain branch/tag, date,
or revision date, then cvs keeps this information and doesn't update the
concerned files any more -- without noticing you!

   $ cvs up -rRELEASE_0_9_6
   $ cvs up -D'2 days ago'
   $ cvs up -r1.123 foo.cxx

You can bring all files back to HEAD with the -A option. If you use the -C
option as well, then even your locally changed filea are saved away
(.#foo.cxx.1.123) and overwritten by the HEAD files. If unsure, make a copy
of the whole directory first ("cp -a FlightGear FlightGear~").

Or maybe it's something completely different ...


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