David Luff wrote:

On 10/19/04 at 11:57 AM Chris Metzler wrote:

I think that your idea to put a taxiway designator in the 'xxx' (bet this
message gets flagged as spam now!) part of the record is an excellent one.
The downside of course is that it would require X-Plane itself to
understand it before it could be applied to the master dataset.

I am not sure whether there's much communication ongoing between the two projects, anyway:

David, as you might remember I recently also had some talks with the
X-Plane folks because of the IVAO/VATSIM thing, Ben (the developer of
XSquawkBox) also functions as a contractor for general X-Plane
development, I am not sure whether I forwarded that particular eMail to
you where he explicitly mentioned how grateful the X-Plane community is
about various opensource tools that can (and are) also be used for

So, based on that and on the mail exchanges I've had with him so far I
am inclined to bet that he would probably not mind forwarding your
request/recommendation to Austin Meyers (the X-Plane author).

My impression is that the odds are looking good for such an inquiry ;-)

--------- Boris

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