David Culp

> > It's difficult to get a screenshot showing the incorrect pitch
> > because the markers are left behind so quickly.  I originally
> > used a three-axis marker with all three lines the same length
> > but removed the longitudinal axis to reduce the clutter.
> >
> > As you only get a glimpse of the markers in a side external view
> > it's difficult to be sure but it looked to me as though the
> > markers initially inherited the parent a/c pitch but then
> > levelled out as the eda braking took effect.
> It's been a while since I looked at the submodel code so I don't remember
> if I
> ever added the "aerostabilize" configuration item.  This allows the
> submodel
> to ignore aerostabilization (which is on by default), so it will maintain
> the
> initial pitch.

You didn't - all submodels align with the trajectory, and the option to turn
this off hasn't been implemented. Not difficult: do we want it? I could do
it this week sometime.



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