On Tuesday 26 October 2004 10:23, Boris Koenig wrote:
> Particularly, I wanted to optionally make certain instruments zoom when
> I either move the mouse over a specific region or upon clicking on a
> hotspot region.
> Simply because it's partially kind of hard to really READ the
> instruments/panel - that way I might not have such a bad time
> when trying to actually "hit" a hotspot ;-)

I often use x/X to zoom in on the instruments/panel. This of course is only 
possible in the 3D cockpits.

> So, being able to optionally make instruments or panels "zoom in"
> would also increase the potential  instrument density for the whole
> panel, while everything  would still be comfortable to use ...
> If there is a way to zoom in  on a certain event I'd like to
> get some pointers or even examples :-)

I'm sure you could change the field of view (zoom) with a nasal script upon 
clicking a hotspot. Again, only for 3D cockpits.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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