Perhaps one may want to rent out a video camera next time, and take some 
video?  We can snip some footages from here, some clips from there, and come 
up with a 30 seconds video for FlightGear.

Just a thought,

On October 26, 2004 08:26 pm, Curtis Olson wrote:
> The expo was 3 days long and there were a ton of people each day.  Our
> booth was generally a mob scene, often with several people waiting a
> turn to fly.  Interestingly because this was largly a "pilot"
> convention, many people didn't want to fly and submit to the scrutiny
> and smart alec commets of the "audience."  But we got enough takers to
> keep the sim busy. :-)  Overwhelmingly the response to our sim (and
> FlightGear) was very positive.  We had endless people sit down and fly
> the simulator.  Over the course of the 3 days we continuously
> repositioned the sim in new locations and situations, continually
> changed weather and other conditions, had people crash into the ground,
> etc. etc.  I was very please to see our software ran rock solid the
> entire time.  We just fired up the sim at the beginning of the day and
> left it run until they kicked us out in the evening ... it was rock
> solid through everything we through at it.  I was very pleased with the
> results of this "stress test".

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