Adam Dershowitz wrote:

I finally got it all to build and work!

Curt, you were correct, despite what I said below. Seems that when I
rebuilt everything, it was not actually everything. I somehow missed a few
things. I think that the specific problem was that clouds3d is one
directory deeper than most other things, and I believe that I just did not
clear out the object files, or the library, that was there before I redid
the build. So it was trying to link against the version of that one library
that I had built with 2.95.2.

For those that are new to the unix style build system (and I don't mean to imply that you might be if you aren't) but you can run "make clean" in the top level source directory to clean out all the built object files, libs, and executables. This is usually a bit safer (and easier) than trying to find and remove them all by hand.

Once I cleared that up, it seems that it all did build as advertised, except
that I did do those couple of patches to plib.  But Arthur says that using
the CVS instead of the download of that will make that problem go away as
well.  I should try that.

Thanks for all of the help and suggestions.
FlightGear is a great program!

Cool, glad to hear you are up and running!


Curtis Olson
HumanFIRST Program
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