* Martin Spott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-11-15 11:40]:
> David Megginson wrote:
> > Wow -- congrats!  Have you decided on your first post-PPL
> > cross-country yet?  Let us know in advance, and perhaps some of us
> > will try it in FlightGear as well.
> This is a pretty nice idea: Let's create a collection of our favourite
> cross-country flights, including waypoints - well, everything you
> consider being essential.
> Dave, didn't you have a Wiki where we could put this stuff into ?

I agree.  I'm not sure if I would be allowed to scan CAA VFR chart
sections for people to fly with but it would be cool.  We could use
multi-player support to organise FGFS 'fly-ins' for the ultimate in
flight sim nerdity ;-)

All the best,


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