* Vivian Meazza -- Tuesday 16 November 2004 18:06:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > OBJECT_SHARED Models/Geometry/Nimitz/nimitz.ac -122.590 37.76 -7.0 90
> It should work just with the <ai>... </ai> stuff in my earlier post.

Yes. Changed that now.

> Mathias has put all the necessary stuff here:
> ftp://ftp.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Misc_maf/carrier/
> The code that he sent me works well, but I haven't tried it from that
> location yet.

I applied all the stuff and it worked very well. My first carrier landing
with the FA-18A succeeded already. The gear code is great! It's fun to
taxi over slopes and actually see the aircraft follow them, rather than
strangely sliding up with the nose gear below ground. And the FA-18 is
very well done and has a nice cockpit with nice night lighting.

The only problems I've encountered:

* not really surprisingly, the carrier doesn't replay in replay mode.
  When I watched my landing in replay, the carrier had already moved
  along. Tricky to fix.
* I observed one segfault that I hadn't seen before. The bt, however, didn't
  look like it had anything to do with the new code. I haven't saved the core
  file but will do so if I run into that problem again.

Now I hope that I will soon be able to land the bo105 realistically
on slight slopes ...


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