Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
On Thursday 18 November 2004 00:06, Vance Souders wrote:

I'm working on a new cockpit for the T6; the T6's altimeter displays
barometric pressure in both inches HG and MB.  I want to add a small amount
of script that converts from the HG reading in the property tree to MB for
the gauge (I need this for the texture translation).  After looking at the
docs, it's not clear to me where this code should reside.  Can I put script
code directly in the gauge's XML file (I've tried this and it doesn't seem
to work)?

Yes you can put nasal scripts in the action tags of the gauge's xml file:

sure, right - but putting nasal scripts into "module" tags like in other PropertyList encoded XML files isn't yet supported natively.

Also, I don't think Vance wanted to link the Nasal script to a
particular action ?

--------- Boris

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