Curtis L. Olson wrote:

I think step #1 needs to be making aircraft relocatable.

If I did get everything right, the major problem is that aircraft rely on instruments and other devices that reside in abitrary locations within the $FG_ROOT directory structure.

As a workaround it might really be already sufficient to simply
use a bunch of variables that simply refer to $FG_ROOT - that way
there wouldn't be any messing around with relative paths - rather,
FlightGear itself would simply look for a supported environment
variable such as $FG_INSTRUMENTS or $FG_AIRCRAFT and would automatically
return a corresponding such as $FG_ROOT/data/Instruments
or $FG_ROOT/data/Aircraft.

This is really no big deal and would essentially allow Aircraft to
reside anywhere - right ?

Alternatively, one could also decide to use the Property Tree to
store the absolute paths, so that these can be dynamically modified
at runtime - if necessary.

Then step #2 and beyond could be coming up with an a useful/interseting categorization, organization, and filtering scheme.

I think this would be mainly about providing additional tags that support specification of the <type> of aircraft, number of <engines>, the <engine_type>, possibly using also data such as weight, pax etc.


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