Chuck Cole wrote:

First of all, thanks to all for your responses and help with this.

I have made some progress with this and just wanted to report back for those
interested. I went through the net_fdm.hxx and native_fdm.cxx files and set


Anyway, I'm real interested in getting this to work.  As you may have
noticed by my e-mail address, I work at NASA Langley.  I'm working on a
project that will allow pilots and researchers to fly and evaluate scale
model planes (in particular, a 757).  The plane will obviously be flown
remotely.  We will eventually be using a Matlab (Simulink) model as the
flight model, but until the model is complete, FlightGear is a very nice
substitute -- and we need something to help build other software components.
But in addition to having a flight model (whether it's Simulink or
FlightGear), we also need various displays to show the "health" and control
responses of the model.  I'm currently trying to build the displays to show
the control responses, and to support this, I need the data out of

Hi Chuck,

that looks very interesting to this student ;-). Is there any documentation on the 'net about your project? In particuliar how you create the flight model (flight tests with the model, or throwing some clustered pc's at it to calculate the forces etc.?).

I wish I had time to do this kind of stuff :-).



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