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For what it's worth, there are several FreeBSD patches in the current CVS tree to work around some of the issues you encountered. If you are able to get a usb joystick to work under FreeBSD with FlightGear, I'd love to hear about it.

I got my thrustmaster joystick to work on FreeBSD 5.3, but I had serious problems with negative axis values, which was clamped to 0 (or something, by the code that transform the values from int to float) by plib. Sorry, I can't explain in detail yet. Unless somebody else is able to explain in detail, I'll probably do that on Friday or Saturday.

The joystick axis in values are represented as: -128 to 127, on my joystick. As far as I remeber plib did only use the 0 to 127 range of values, and <0 vas processed as a 0 value.

I don't know how to fix this the correct way (xml?), so you have to excuse me for being fairly new to the structure of this project. :)

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