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Trying  "--native-fdm=socket,out,30,,7000,udp"   to broadcast
the data onto a LAN for multiple machines returned the following error:
Error: connect() failed in make_client_socket()
SG_IO_OUT socket creation failed
Error opening channel communications layer.
I/O channel config failed

Addressing multiple individual machines with the protocol works fine but is
a terrible waste of bandwidth.
Has anyone tried to use the broadcast address and been successful? Wondering
if this is a SimGear or plib or other problem?


I seem to recall having this working once. There is an extra flag you have to enable on the socket to make it actually broadcast. My understanding is that this is a safety/sanity check to avoid broadcast storm type problems. I don't recall if this had to be enabled at the plib level or the simgear level? I seem to recall it was working for a while and then didn't work, but I haven't looked into it for a year or two. plib's net libs are a bit strange. They seem to tickle a dns lookup even for local ip address connections. I haven't been able to figure that one out ... it's ok if you don't have a dns server configured, but can be an annoyance if you are configured to auto-dial on any net activity. For some reason it seemed like the workingness of broadcast was tied to dns availability or something ... but I'm grasping at fading memories here so I could be way off.


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