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"Curtis L. Olson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Are there any major outstanding bugs or issues we need to resolve before
> the next release?  I realize there are perpetual things (such as our gui
> interface is crude) that we won't be able to address immediately, but if
> there are little bugs or glitches that have crept in, let's try and get 
> those fixed as quickly as possible.

The four things that users come into the IRC channel and complain about
most often:

- the "inner marker" sound immediately upon startup, while sitting on the
runway, that can only be stopped by starting your takeoff roll and getting
far enough along into it.

- the stall warning sound immediately upon startup, or well after landing,
while sitting still on the runway, that can only be stopped by throttling
up and rolling.

- attempting to load a saved state from the menu crashes the program.

- attempting to change airports from the menu does nothing.


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